Thursday, September 22, 2011

Begun, the Feature War Has

CCP's announcement that EVE development will be refocused, is, of course, reason for celebration.

But don't get cocky, bittervet. This is not victory, it's just the opening shot in the war -- the Feature War.

The real battle in the Feature War will be fought over how the ammo -- the newly available development resources made available by this "refocusing" -- will be used.

Right now in a sinister conference room, arguments are being made that it should be spent on :awesome: flashiness and exploding planets.

Meanwhile, a plucky band of rebel developers champions a radical proposition -- that development should be refocused on fixing existing problems in the game. Stuff like POS's, the user interface, mining and manufacturing, Sov, and a host of other annoyances that plague the current community.

The Feature War is raging now... the decisions will be made soon... and your voice in this thread provides ammo to one side or the other.

Make your voice heard. This threadnaught can be the ultimate power in the EVE universe. I suggest you use it.

Victory? Victory you say? Master Bittervet, not victory. The shroud of the :awesome: side has fallen. Begun the Feature War has.

PS to Zulu: This is not the blog we're looking for.


  1. Apparently we want medals more than useful features.

    Thanks again EVE uni *sarcasm*

  2. Where you expecting or hoping to see posts in the comment thread for requests on which features are most desired? Or is it too late to influence at this stage, except to point to the most recent CSL backlog prioritisation?

  3. No, this is not the place for that. What I would like to see is more discussion on EVE-O. Actually, I forgot to link to the devblog comments thread. :(

  4. No I did actually mean the commments thread for the devblog.

  5. I was hoping to see some posts, yes. The circle is not yet complete.

  6. Any chance of an update on who is winning the war behind the scenes Terbor? No need for details or anything, but it would be good to know if we're finally going to start seeing stuff be fixed?

  7. That, of another blog, the subject is.