Friday, February 25, 2011

Billions in Bribes for Ballots

One of the cute things I decided to do with my CSM6 campaign is get a little viral mojo going with a lottery. The top prize is 6B ISK, but there are two twists: first, the actual top prize depends on how many votes I get (1M ISK per vote), and second, you can win sub-prizes by being the player that recruits the actual winner -- multiple levels deep.

Obviously, my evil plan is to get people to fly all over the game promoting my candidacy in local, pestering their corpies to vote for me, sticking links in their forum signatures, mention it in blog posts, and so on.

Will it work? That's up to you -- you can find details on the Billions for Ballots Lottery here. Attempts to "honestly" cheat to gain a better chance of winning the lottery are encouraged (this is EVE, after all!)

My thanks to Mynxee for donating 4B ISK to the prize fund. The endorsement she gave me was great, but money speaks louder than words!

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