Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Glutton for Punishment

Having apparently not yet plumbed the depths of my own masochism, I find myself unable to resist the compulsion to run for re-election to the CSM. You can find complete details on my campaign platform on my official campaign page.

I won't spoil all of the goodies in this post, but my diabolical re-election strategy involves both massive bribery and bunny-slippers.  To find out more, you'll have to click the link.

I hope you will all honor me with your votes, and permit me to continue serving the EVE community as a CSM delegate.


  1. I officially endorse Trebor not only for a CSM6 seat, but for Chair of CSM6.

    He has the solid experience, background, and temperament to be an outstanding leader for the CSM this term. As he correctly points out, he was one of the acknowledged leaders of CSM5, and is the perfect replacement for Mynxee in this important position.

    His goals for CSM6 are excellent and realistic, and no, I'm not just saying that because I agree with most of them. ;-)

    Of course, I'd love to serve alongside him in CSM6 myself and will be working hard to try and make that happen. But I also fully support his candidacy. It would be a real tragedy for EVE players if he's not elected.

    -Jester, aka Ripard Teg

  2. I endorse Trebor as he holds a number of titanium assault sporks, and you just can't argue with a man that powerful.

  3. Trebor, you know you have my vote--both the actual vote and a vote of sincere confidence and appreciation for your work on CSM5. Endorsement blog post forthcoming tomorrow! Best luck in the election!

  4. Get ready to wear bunny-slippers ;)

  5. Good luck with your campaign.