Thursday, March 10, 2011

Surfing the Sea of The Mittani's Mud

Over the past few days, I've been the target of a big smear campaign by The Mittani and his goons.

It's the usual bullshit. Quote mining out of context, character assassination, ad hominem attacks, the big lie -- all the classic techniques. They even started a campaign to have my wikipedia page deleted (currently failing horribly) and twice vandalized the page.

The Mittani is running on a platform that only he and his friends can make the CSM effective, so it's vitally important to discredit anyone who can put the lie to his fundamental argument. The truth is that CSM 5 has been extraordinarily effective, and I was one of the biggest reasons why.

CSM Chair Mynxee says my performance "should serve as the Gold Standard for CSM delegate performance." Even Vuk Lau, whom I had numerous disagreements with on CSM 5, agrees that I was "[the] most dedicated delegate of CSM 5 and CSM 6 will be blessed with him on board." And so do a great many players, judging from their supportive mails, PM's and forum posts.

And that is exactly why The Mittani and his buddies are running for CSM. He's realized that it is actually very, very effective at influencing CCP, and he wants to try to use it as a vehicle to advance his own petty in-game interests, at the expense of the vast majority of the players of EVE.

You would think that nobody would trust the word of EVE's most famous spymaster and disinformation artist, but as any student of history will tell you, if you repeat a lie often enough, people will start to believe it. And The Mittani has lots of weak-minded parrots at his beck and call.

But you can put a stop to this. You can teach The Mittani a lesson in civility.

I've spent 2-3 hours a day working to build the CSM over the last 10 months. Now I'm asking you to spend a few minutes of your time to make sure all that work doesn't go to waste.

Please send the following evemail to all your corpies, alliance mates, and friends. Spread the word! Blog, Post, Tweet and Facebook. Go Viral!

The choice you make right now, at this very moment, could decide whether CSM 6 continues to build on the hard work of CSM 5, or becomes the forum for The Mittani's attempt to twist EVE to his own advantage.

If you make the right decision, then this YouTube clip should give you an idea of what you'll do to The Mittani's plans.

My most appreciative thanks, in advance,


PS: If you want to drop everything and vote for me right now, just click here.


I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know about something really disturbing that's going on in the CSM elections.

The Mittani is so scared that Trebor Daehdoow is going to get re-elected that he's unleashed a massive troll and smear campaign against him. It's classic goon bullshit.


But as Trebor points out in "Trebor's Complete Guide to Mud", he is not the real target of this campaign. The real victims are a bunch of good candidates who deserve to be on the CSM - guys like Seleene, Ripard Teg, Meissa Anunthiel, Jonathon Silence, and Roc Weiler.


Please do me the favor of checking out the threads, and consider voting for Trebor Daehdoow, or one of the guys listed above. And pass this message on to your friends.

The Mittani claims that he, and only he, can make the CSM effective. But the truth is, the CSM is very effective, and that's the reason The Mittani is running. Don't buy the lie!

Thanks a lot!

You can vote for Trebor by clicking this link:


  1. Trebor, you have not yet - and you should - made a talk to EVE University.
    Many NC candidates have done so (and have managed to sway a lot of the players).
    We are a big voting bloc without our own candidate this term.
    Please come convert the Unistas to Trebor - we are having any candidate who is interested give a talk.

  2. I clicked on the "why you shouldn't vote for trebor" thread and they seem to be smearing you by linking to posts you've made.

  3. @DiamondMX - I will do so.

    @Parasoja - I am active on forums, and I sometimes throw out some radical ideas to spur discussion. What you don't see in the smear campaign is the context of those post, or the hundreds of other posts from which those few are cherry-picked.

    Furthermore, I never push my own ideas in my work on the CSM. My job as a delegate is to be an advocate for the players, not myself.

  4. Well, enjoy my votes.
    I will also see who else I can convince.
    I was originally planning on throwing my votes towards another suitable candidate on the assumption you were a no-brainer.
    Now, I'd really like someone trustworthy in the chairman position to mitigate whatever it is The Mittani has planned.
    It's a shame there isn't a way to get the CSM out of the meta-game.

  5. Okay.

    I've been clicking around because I'm curious, but I'm left with a question. When you say "[mittens] wants to try to use [the csm] as a vehicle to advance his own petty in-game interests, at the expense of the vast majority of the players of EVE" what do you base that on? And what are his petty in-game interests, anyway?

  6. The Mittani (not Mittens, that's rude) is an acknowledged master of meta-gaming. It is not unreasonable to assume, until he provides hard evidence to the contrary, that he will be unable to resist the temptation to use his CSM access to lobby CCP for things that will benefit his allies in-game, and against things that might hurt them -- as opposed to acting dispassionately in the best interests of all of the players, without bias.

    The Mittani swears he will not do this, but let's be honest: if everyone who trusted The Mittani only to later regret it all jumped into Jita at the same time, the node would not only crash, it would catch fire.

    Thus you will forgive me if I do not take the man at his word -- and all the smearing his partisans have engaged in gives me even less reason to be hopeful.

  7. So if I understand you correctly, you are saying that your accusations have no basis in fact beyond "somebody in goons said bad things about me," he is guilty until proven innocent and must provide hard evidence that a hypothetical future event WILL NOT happen?

    Also sort of curious as to who these people who have regretted trusting him are.

  8. I am saying I have very reasonable concerns, based on both his past actions, and on his declared intentions.

    The Mittani's campaign boils down to this:

    1) The CSM doesn't work.

    2) What the CSM needs to work is a ruthless, manipulative bastard.

    3) I am a ruthless, manipulative bastard.

    Let me begin by saying that I am perfectly OK with him being a ruthless, manipulative bastard in-game. Ruthless, manipulative bastardry is the foundation of EVE, and one of things that makes it such a special game. And if he were running for election to the Council of Manipulative Bastards, he'd be elected Chairman in a landslide.

    But he is running for a seat on the Council of Stellar Management, and I know from personal experience that manipulative bastardry is corrosive to the CSM process. The CSM thrives on honesty, transparency, and old-fashioned hard work. In order for the CSM to work properly, CCP has to be able to trust the CSM to give blunt advice untainted by personal in-game considerations.

    We had one openly manipulative bastard on CSM 5, and this person both utterly failed to achieve any personal objectives, but also provided ammunition to those inside CCP who would like to ignore the CSM -- who feel offended when "uppity players" have the temerity to ask them to justify their decisions.

    Now let's go back to his campaign points:

    1) "The CSM doesn't work." I've already dealt with this in the blog post -- he is flat out wrong. Is that because he's just misinformed, or is he saying that because he's a ruthless, manipulative bastard?

    2) "What the CSM needs to work is a ruthless, manipulative bastard." Flat out wrong again, as demonstrated above.

    3) "I am a ruthless, manipulative bastard." This point I will gladly concede in his favor.

    Thus, his campaign argument fails. QED.

    We both know that The Mittani will almost certainly gain a seat. And I truly hope that he'll turn off the manipulative bastardry in any work he does as a CSM delegate -- because if he does, he could be quite effective.

  9. (continued)

    But in a campaign filled with excellent candidates with no history of ruthless, manipulative bastardry -- people like Seleene, Ripard Teg, Meissa Anunthiel, Jonathon Silence, and Roc Weiler -- is the risk that he'll use his powers of bastardry for evil worth taking?

    Maybe all The Mittani's shenanigans are just election meta-gaming, and on the CSM he'll be all kittens and puppies and hard work. I hope so.

    But if that is the case, then HE IS LYING TO GET ELECTED! How can you trust a man whose entire election campaign is based on lies?