Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CSM Summit - Day 0: "Quest for Bacon"

After arriving at Keflavik after 5 hours of sleepless agony in a thrice-damned IcelandAir Slab-o-Lava seat, we cab into RVK. We are deposited at the Hotel Fron, which has good rooms and wifi, but a limited free breakfast.

This becomes a serious problem when CSM Chairman Mittens arrives on the scene, declaring himself possessed of a hunger that only copious amounts of bacon can assuage.

Unfortunately, there is no bacon to be had. Mittens growls at the waiter that "I find your lack of bacon... disturbing", then swears he will wreak vengeance upon CCP for having the temerity to lodge him in a bacon-challenged hotel. We agree to nap until lunchtime, then reconvene.

After your humble correspondent deals with a minor logistical matter -- he forgot to pack his jacket, a significant problem in Iceland, which is currently quite bright but a wee bit nippy -- the CSM ventures out in a quest for both bacon and free wifi, ending up at Cafe Paris. Enough bacon is procured to deal with Mittens' immediate cured-ham needs, but it is clear that only having a bacon sub at Nonni's will prevent carnage the next day.

After more discussion of CSM strategy, we repair back to the hotel for a pre-dinner nap, then head out to Nonni's where Mittens, desperate to inhale bacon, grabs the wrong sub. His screams of anguish echo down the street.

We then repair to a cosy bar, where CCP Zinfandel buys multiple rounds of drinks for the CSM. By midnight, we have all agreed to support the implementation of microtransactions for just about everything in the game, including PLEX for docking, PLEX for jumping, and PLEX for PLEX.

The CSM summit has begun.


  1. LOL funny post, Treb. Suggest to Mittens that he prepare for the next Summit by shopping here where he can obtain such fine products such as Effervescent Bacon Drink Tablets to calm his bacon cravings on the go. ;)

  2. Tell CCP Zinfandel I say Hi o/ Thanks for the post