Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jesus is dead

Of all the things said at last weeks CSM summit in Iceland, perhaps the most striking was a comment, offered almost offhand, by Hilmar in the final session:

"The era of the Jesus feature is over"

A Jesus feature, it emerged, is something that turns "4 loaves of bread into 50,000 new subscribers". It's the home run, the called shot into deep left field, the awesome idea that will solve all of CCP's problems, carved in a stone tablet made of virgin Eyjafjallajökull lava and delivered from on high down to the adoring fish-factory devs.

Supertitans! Tech-IV! Jovians! Jovians in Tech-IV Supertitans! And they're naked, and want your precious NEX store clothes and monocles!

You get the idea.

Instead, forced by circumstance to play small ball ("The whale shit has hit the propeller, and we have no time to make a grand plan"), CCP spent the fall hitting a bunch of singles.

The result was Crucible, and it was good. Because Crucible delivered what most of the players have been wanting for years -- improvement to the current game.

Going to Iceland, a big concern the CSM had was whether CCP was going to double-down and deliver a Crucible II, or whether the table in the Trinity conference room would be groaning under the weight of a new stone tablet. After all, the forces of Awesome had had several months to think about what comes next.

And lo, in the conference room there was a stone tablet, made not of heavy stone but of the most delicate foamed Icelandic lava, floating in an opened barrel of Christmas Beer. And engraved upon its surface, in EVE's new font, were the words:

"Thou shalt fix more stuff."

And as we quaffed our (slightly gritty) Christmas Beer, unto the CSM came a Senior Producer and his Wise Men, explaining how CCP was reorganizing so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Thence came a parade of devs, bearing gifts of even more game fixes.

And it was pretty damn good, as you will see when the Minutes come out.

Yes, Jesus is dead. But on the third day, he rose again. Will Awesome rise again, on the third expansion?

We'll know in :18months:


  1. If Crucible is the first expansion, wouldn't the third expansion be 12 months from now?

  2. Yeah, but after Awesome rises again, it would take 6 months for the results to become evident. And anyway, I'm not going to let a couple of hundred days get in the way of a cute :meme: reference.

  3. Now do you think it will be several months till we see the minutes? Or do you think they may get published in a respectable time say 2-3 weeks max a month?

  4. I'm going to push real hard to get minutes out ASAP. Might be possible to release in chunks to get stuff out earlier.

  5. Thanks for all the work and all the updates.

    In the end it shows that I voted for the best of lunatics ;)

  6. It would be great if they managed to put some focus on minutes. Last Time they where soooo slow woth them, that when They finally came out they already been obsolete.

    One of the "we listen to the players" thing could be listening to voice of those waiting for the minutes :)

    Otherwise we always can occupy jita again :)

    and Trebor - i loved 18 month reference :)

  7. Finally a good cause Jesus can die for.

  8. <3 Nice update. Good work, Treb + CSM6 crew.