Friday, June 24, 2011

Black Friday

I woke up this morning to find the forums even more afire with rage about Incarna, the "Fearless" newsletter, and the Virtual Goods store. I could tell in a few minutes that I wasn't going to get anything else done today.

"I can't work today, dear," I told my wife, "EVE is on fire."

"Piss on EVE, then", she replied.

"I would, if I thought it would help."

So, I've spent most of the last 12 hours answering player questions, trying to give CCP good feedback on the issues, trying to get them to see how bad things have gotten. My fellow CSMs were doing the same.

Late in the day, we were presented with a draft devblog, and asked to comment on it. With the exception of the removal of a rather unfortunate analogy, that draft was essentially identical to what was just published.

None of CSM's concerns -- the ones the players were asking about -- were addressed; in particular:

* Will non-vanity virtual goods be introduced?

* Will CCP change their virtual goods pricing strategy?

* Will the CQ remain optional, or will it eventually be forced on the players?

To say that CSM is disappointed by the contents of this devblog would be an understatement. Incredulous is more like it.

Based on the devblog, and my impressions from the conversations I have had in recent days, it is my opinion that CCP has decided upon a strategy with respect to virtual goods and Incarna, and that they are going to fearlessly implement it regardless of feedback from CSM or the players.

Our words, and yours, appear worthless. Only our actions may have weight.


  1. A rather unfortunate analogy... Pray tell what analogy outshines brushing aside player concerns of legalised T20-esque interventionism though RMT to teenage fashion caprisciousness.

  2. It would not be appropriate for me to say anything about it, except that I do not think there was any ill intent in its use. However, it would have been received very badly.

  3. Thanks Trebor. It is nice to see that you (the CSM) tried to get some sense into CCP. I'm sad, Im leaving eve due to this lack of respect to us, their customers. A tough decision but I cannot stand to be laughed at, I'm too old for that.

    Thanks for trying.

  4. I feel it answered all of the questions we were asking by the lack of an answer.
    CCP doesn't intend to change unless we make it abundantly clear that we won't stand for it.
    Even then, they'll probably throw their lot in and go F2P in panic.
    I am done with words, and I will be back in the future if the NEX store dies and stays dead.

    It's kind of a shame too, DUST and WoD were games I was really looking forward to trying out - but I cannot trust a company this blind and arrogant.

    Thank you for trying to steer them right, Trebor - you got my vote because you were on the side of every player. It's a shame they have stopped listening.

  5. Their absolute lack of any common sense when it comes to communication is mind boggling. They need to add a decent PR officer to their vaunted ranks and cut the devs off from their blogs for a little bit. While I don't care for MT and specifically dislike "power up" MT, this whole thing would have been a lot less damaging if the information flow had been properly managed.
    These shitstorms they keep causing really don't help the game one bit.

  6. Read the devblog. When did CCP hire Hosni Mubarak as their customer relations specialist? I'm sure it sounded very sincere in Icelandic.

  7. @Mord. lmao. He's now on trial and since if apparently suggesting as much wouldn't get me banned I'd paraphrase you on the forums.

    Not sure who CCP Pann was but even the "parley" didn't buy enough time for Zulu to put the right message together. Oh, and then he did exactly what the most cynical players thought he would - release it late on Friday and go home for the weekend. That went well, huh?

  8. CSM - do what real politicos do when their Masters betray them : Quit the CSM itself- and leave CCP with more egg on their face - having to explain why their Player Parliament has just walked out.

  9. How comes yours and Mark's post for the day are verbatim copies (except for the nice comedy bit about pissing on fires) ?
    Did you guys fall prey to the same monster that possessed Zulu's body to write his recent devblogs ?