Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How To Vote

Now that the polls are open, here is a guide to voting easily and efficiently. Thanks to some hard work by CCP Dolan and the CCP Web Team, voting is much easier this year. Rumors that bribes of expensive alcohol were offered to them in return for this are, of course, completely and utterly true.

In previous posts, I've explained why voting is important, how the voting system works, and which candidates I think should be on your ballot. You may also want to visit the campaign section of the EVE Online Forums and see what the candidates have to say for themselves, or use Vote Match to find candidates whose opinions are closest to yours.

If you want to follow my advice, or use it as a starting point, all you have to do is click on one of the voting links listed below, which will take you to the eveonline.com voting page. At this point, one of two things will happen.
  • If you are already logged into eveonline.com, then the Candidate Search box will be filled in with a list of candidates -- and this year it has been improved; you can enter multiple candidate names, separated by commas, and they will get highlighted, moved to the top of the candidate list, and sorted!
  • If you are not logged in, you'll need to click the orange Log in button and log into your main account. When you do, you'll be returned to the voting page. Unfortunately, the list of candidates will not be preserved; to fix that, come back here and either click the voting link again, or cut-and-paste the list of candidates you'll find below each link into the Search box.
Update: there is currently a bug that will erroneously fill in slots in your ballot if you voted last year; if this happens, just drag the candidates out of your ballot before performing the next step!

Then all you have to do is double-click on each of the hilighted candidates in order to move them into your ballot. Just put your mouse pointer on top of the first (top-left) candidate and double-click once of each candidate; each time you double-click, a candidate will move into the ballot. If you make a mistake, you can drag candidates back out of the ballot, or drag them around the ballot to reorder them.

You can just fill in the ballot with my recommendations, or make whatever changes you think best.

Once your ballot is the way you want it, click the big yellow Submit Vote button. If you have more than one account, click the Log out link at the top of the page, then click the Log in button and log in to your next account. Then go back to the voting page and you should find that your ballot has been filled in for you; if you want to vote the same ballot again, just click Submit Vote!

If for some reason the ballot links given below don't fill in the Candidate Search box (some browsers can be a bit cranky), you can simply cut and paste your preferred list of candidates into it.

Happy voting! And tell your friends to vote as well!

My Recommended Ballot Voting Link selects:

DNSBLACK,Ali Aras,Mike Azariah,Xander Phoena,James Arget,Steve Ronuken,Sugar Kyle,Major JSilva,DJ FunkyBacon,Jayne Fillon,corbexx,Proclus Diadochu,Asayanami Dei,Psychotic Monk

My High-Sec Voting Link selects:

Mike Azariah,Steve Ronuken,Xander Phoena,Sugar Kyle,DNSBLACK,Ali Aras,James Arget,DJ FunkyBacon,Jayne Fillon,Major JSilva,corbexx,Proclus Diadochu,Asayanami Dei,Psychotic Monk

My Low-Sec / Factional Warfare Voting Link selects:

DJ FunkyBacon,Jayne Fillon,DNSBLACK,Sugar Kyle,Steve Ronuken,Ali Aras,Mike Azariah,Xander Phoena,James Arget,corbexx,Proclus Diadochu,Asayanami Dei,Major JSilva,Psychotic Monk

My Null-Sec Voting Link selects:

DNSBLACK,Ali Aras,Xander Phoena,Major JSilva,Mike Azariah,James Arget,Steve Ronuken,Sugar Kyle,DJ FunkyBacon,Jayne Fillon,corbexx,Proclus Diadochu,Asayanami Dei,Psychotic Monk

My Wormholes Voting Link selects:

James Arget,corbexx,Proclus Diadochu,Asayanami Dei,DNSBLACK,Ali Aras,Mike Azariah,Xander Phoena,Major JSilva,Steve Ronuken,Sugar Kyle,DJ FunkyBacon,Jayne Fillon,Psychotic Monk

My Industry Voting Link selects:

Steve Ronuken,Xander Phoena,Sugar Kyle,DNSBLACK,Ali Aras,Mike Azariah,James Arget,DJ FunkyBacon,Jayne Fillon,Major JSilva,corbexx,Proclus Diadochu,Asayanami Dei,Psychotic Monk

Remember, these ballots are just my recommendations -- you should add or remove candidates and/or change the order based on your own preferences. Just make sure to vote a full ballot of 14 candidates, as this will maximize your voting power. For more background on the candidates and why I recommend them, check out my "Who I Like" post.

PS: If you'd like to construct your own voting link to send to your friends, simply enter a comma separated list of candidates into the Search box on the voting page; as you do, the url will update. You can then copy this link and forward it. I recommend adding a comma at the end of the list of candidates you enter into the search box, just in case parameters get added to the URL (EVE Gate does this) that might result in the ballot url failing to hilight the final candidate on your list.

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