Monday, April 7, 2014

Who I Like

There are many great candidates for CSM 9, and with 14 possible slots on your ballot, there's a lot to think about.

What I look for in a CSM candidate is knowledge about the game, a passion for its future, and perhaps most important, the stamina needed to endure the grind -- because being on CSM is an exhausting experience.

What follows are my recommendations about the candidates that are not clear "locks" for election because they are the official candidate of a large in-game group. This list is intended to help unaffiliated voters fill out their ballots, and perhaps persuade "bloc" voters to make some modifications to the ballot they've been asked to vote.

The Fantastic Four

Four years on the CSM have shown me what it takes to do the job right. These are the candidates that, from long personal interaction and observation, I know have the “right stuff.” They will make excellent CSM members, I endorse them without reservation, and they should be high up on everyone's ballot.

If you have supported me in past elections, please do me the favor of supporting them in this one. Getting all four of them elected would be the best thank-you you could ever give me.


Brad King is one of my favorite people -- not just in-game but in real-life as well. I first ran into him because of an interview he did on the Lost in EVE podcast, and soon found a home in the corporation he leads, the infamous Dirt Nap Squad. Famous for losing more Arazu's than any other pilot in EVE history, Brad is dedicated to making sure everyone in DNS has the most fun possible, and his passion for the EVE community is obvious and undeniable. Out-of-game, he serves as a coach and a union representative, which gives him a skillset that will come in very handy on CSM. Over the years he's built up a lot of personal relationships with CCP staff, which will mean he will hit the ground running.


Ellen McManis was one of the big -- and welcome -- surprises of CSM 8. A relatively young podpilot, she impressed everyone on CSM with her knowledge, dedication and boundless energy, and zealously represented the interests of both new players and the NRDS community. Bluntly, she worked her ass off (for example, she took the lead in producing the Winter Summit Minutes), and fully deserves a second term.


Michael Dawe was always a bridesmaid, never a bride when it came to CSM -- until the change in election systems that debuted in CSM8. He then demonstrated that the voters had made the right choice by being a steadfast advocate for the High-Sec community, making sure that CCP took better note of their concerns. If you live in High-Sec, you want Mike back on the CSM.


David Whitelaw showed me he had the stamina to be a good CSM when he interviewed just about every CSM8 candidate on his Crossing Zebras podcast. I've been grilled by him more than a few times, and he has impressed me with his knowledge of the game, no-bullshit attitude, and great communication skills.

The Legion of Superior Candidates

No matter what area of the game you like the best, there are good candidates that feel the same way. Make sure the appropriate ones are on your ballot in addition to the Fantastic Four.

James Arget is a CSM incumbent representing wormhole space. He's worked hard on CSM8 and quietly gone about doing what needs to be done. Wormhole residents should send him back for another term.

Steve Ronuken is a level-headed industrialists, and he has also done a lot of work developing 3rd-party applications. CREST development is an increasingly frequent topic of discussion between CSM and CCP, and he'll be invaluable for that.

I like the way Sugar Kyle presents herself (in particular, her concern for new players), and I get the same vibe from her than I did from Ali Aras in last year's election.

Major JSilva is the main Pandemic Legion candidate, but the reason I'm including him is that he has his head screwed on correctly on the big meta-topics of Force Projection, Sov and TiDi. Helping CCP find a good solution to these issues is the biggest challenge CSM9 will face.

DJ FunkyBacon is a well-known and respected host on EVE Radio, so he'll be great at communications. But he will also be a badly-needed voice for Low Sec and Factional Warfare.

Jayne Fillon is a passionate PVP advocate who will do well helping CCP with their ongoing ship balancing efforts.

corbexxProclus Diadochu and Asayanami Dei are the other three wormhole candidates. Wormhole space probably has enough votes to elect two candidates this year; they are on my ballot to help ensure that this happens.

And finally, in the wild-card slot, there is Psychotic Monk. I'm not a huge fan of ganking and scamming, but they are a community that should occasionally get a voice on the CSM.

Recommended Ballots

Now that I've listed the 14 candidates I think should be on your ballot, there is the matter of the order in which they appear. In STV, you want to place your favorite candidates first, so the order will vary depending on your in-game interests.

Here are my recommended orderings:

General Ballot

DNSBLACK,Ali Aras,Mike Azariah,Xander Phoena,James Arget,Steve Rokunen,Sugar Kyle,Major JSilva,DJ FunkyBacon,Jayne Fillon,corbexx,Proclus Diadochu,Asayanami Dei,Psychotic Monk


Mike Azariah,Steve Rokunen,Xander Phoena,Sugar Kyle,DNSBLACK,Ali Aras,James Arget,DJ FunkyBacon,Jayne Fillon,Major JSilva,corbexx,Proclus Diadochu,Asayanami Dei,Psychotic Monk

Low-Sec / Factional Warfare

DJ FunkyBacon,Jayne Fillon,DNSBLACK,Sugar Kyle,Steve Rokunen,Ali Aras,Mike Azariah,Xander Phoena,James Arget,corbexx, Proclus Diadochu,Asayanami Dei,Major JSilva,Psychotic Monk


DNSBLACK,Ali Aras,Xander Phoena,Major JSilva,Mike Azariah,James Arget,Steve Rokunen,Sugar Kyle,DJ FunkyBacon,Jayne Fillon,corbexx, Proclus Diadochu,Asayanami Dei,Psychotic Monk


James Arget,corbexx, Proclus Diadochu,Asayanami Dei,DNSBLACK,Ali Aras,Mike Azariah,Xander Phoena,Major JSilva,Steve Rokunen,Sugar Kyle,DJ FunkyBacon,Jayne Fillon,Psychotic Monk


Steve Rokunen,Xander Phoena,Sugar Kyle,DNSBLACK,Ali Aras,Mike Azariah,James Arget,DJ FunkyBacon,Jayne Fillon,Major JSilva,corbexx, Proclus Diadochu,Asayanami Dei,Psychotic Monk

Small Gang/Solo PVP

Jayne Fillon,DNSBLACK,Ali Aras,Xander Phoena,James Arget,DJ FunkyBacon,Sugar Kyle,corbexx, Proclus Diadochu,Asayanami Dei,Mike Azariah,Steve Rokunen,Major JSilva,Psychotic Monk

Use these ballots as a starting point; if you have a favorite candidate who is not on my list, by all means add them to the ballot, and if you think my ordering is wrong, change it!

Other posts in this series: Why We VoteHow We Vote and How To Vote (has voting instructions and links).


  1. Very useful post, Treb, thanks. Dumb question: Is it even possible or does it make any sense to put the same candidate in more than one slot on a ballot?

    1. Each vote passes to the next person on the ballot if:
      The person is elected.
      The person is eliminated.

    2. This is not quite correct. If someone is eliminated, it is as if he was x-ed off your ballot. If someone is elected, then your vote is split into two fractional parts; one just big enough so that (with all the other ballots) the first person is elected, and the remainder going to the next person on your ballot. This in turn can be further split.

    3. Actually that is not quite correct either.
      In the event that someone crosses the threshold to be provisionally elected, the remainder is transferred to the next person on your ballot that is not provisionally elected.

      This meant that in the main part of the last election no votes were ever transferred to mynnna or Ripard Teg from other provisionally elected candidates.

      This actually supports Trebor leaving off mynnna from his recommendations assuming he gets the Goon no. 1 spot.

      Trebor, what are your opinions on the other "bloc" candidates. Are there any you feel shouldn't be elected?

    4. Yes, you are right, I should have been a bit more specific about the transfer.

      As for your question, as a matter of policy I try to resist making negative recommendations -- not my style!

  2. You can't do it, and it wouldn't help.

  3. I find it telling that you don't have mynnna on any list, even the null sec list. Is that because he is terrible person for the future of the game, or because he is a forgone conclusion to get the permanent seat already because of the goon voting bloc?

    1. mynnna is an extremely capable and effective CSM, and if he were not a total lock for election already, he would be high on my ballot.

  4. I think Sugar will be the Ali or Mike of this Election, with a chance of being the Ripard in terms of posting updates on a blog.

    Your Top 4 will all be on my Ballot, but I'm thinking my Top 3 right now are.

    1 Sugar, Lowsec, Industry

    2 Mike, Highsec, and general good sense

    3 Steve, Industry, Third Party support.

    I don't think judging forums, blogs,and CCP's stated positions Gankers and Scammers need any help on the CSM. Kinda like Null-sec blocs don't.

    1. That's perfectly fine -- you are doing exactly what I hope everyone does; making an informed, individual decision.